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Test the knowledge of candidates who apply for an open position in your business office with this "pre-employment test". Includes answer key for you to grade it.
Pre-Employment Test for Business Office Employees
Pre-Employment Test for Business Office Employees: Answer Key

Execute an effective patient collections strategy with all of the facts about pursuing payment from patients at your fingertips.
Patient collections fact sheet

Utilize the cost performance ratio (CPR) to analyze the investment that you're making into your billing operation to determine if it's paying off in performance.
Cost performance ratio for billing office

Give the clinical chart preparation form to your nurses and medical assistants to preview charts the day prior to a clinic to enhance the efficiency of the physician.
Clinical chart prep

Review the sample billing office incentive plan to gather ideas about implementing an incentive plan for your billers.
Sample billing staff incentive plan

Be a consultant to your own practice with these two practice operations audit forms.
Be your own consultant
Be your own consultant 2

Evaluate your patient access compared to your efficiency for a new look at when to hire another physician or drop participation with a payer -- or focus on being more productive.
Patient access analysis

Benchmark your new patient visit rate compared to your specialty.
New patient visits as a percent of total

Answer questions about practice efficiency and compare your answers to determine if your physicians are efficient.
Efficient physician analysis

Benchmark staff productivity by function.
Task expectations by staff functions

Analyze the root cause of low collections for your practice.
Analyze low collections

Perform a time and motion study of your practice to discover your cycle time -- and kickstart your performance improvement initiative.
Analyze practice cycle time


Add a policy about computer, email and instant messaging (IM) use to your practice's employee manual.
Employee computer use


Learn more about the theory behind open access, and how to implement it in you practice.
Open access

Discover the medley of means to manage test results in your practice from simple, paper-based systems to high tech methods.
Managing test results

Enhance your patients' experience and your practice efficiency by eliminating your front office. Find out how to integrate exam room registration in your practice.
Exam room registration - no front office

Learn about a free way to instantly enhance your efficiency -- dictating in front of your patients.
Dictate in front of your patients

Discover new ways to handle the frustration and financial burden of appointment no-shows.
Appointment no-shows

Appeal Letters

Appeal for prompt payment from payers who hold on to your clean claims too long.
Prompt payment

Appeal for open claims from ERISA plans that are not subject to state prompt payment laws.
ERISA open claims

Woodcock & Associates: Changing the Way You Work